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Datta Vic Conference

DATTA Vic Conference – Tomorrow’s Innovators

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DATTA Victoria Conference

Join us at the DATTA Victoria Conference 2023 – Tomorrow’s Innovators, where Rethink Recycling will be showcasing our hand-operated machines at the captivating trade exhibition. Come and experience the future of recycling firsthand!

TOMORROW’S INNOVATORS will celebrate the potential of young people to become problem-solvers, innovators and actors for development. And explore how Design & Technologies education can equip them with the skills and confidence to excel in the future.

For move information on the event, visit the DATTA Victoria Conference website here.

Information about Rethink Recycling’s exhibition

Rethink Recycling Co-op (RRC) stands at the forefront of a greener future, driven by their passion for sustainability and social responsibility. Together, they endeavour to reshape perceptions about recycling. Making a positive impact on the planet, and nurturing the prosperity of every member of their diverse community. They’re a not-for-profit driving the development of waste plastic remanufacturing and inspiring change through community education.

The education program guides students through the basics of plastic types, uses and life cycles are covered, the waste crisis associated with single-use plastics and how we can solve the associated problems this brings. Participants will learn the story of plastic, the journey of a lid, and be introduced to sustainability and circular economy principles.

Education sessions will also cover the various recycling processes, micro-machines involved and will conclude with a hands-on experience. Through this experience, students get to follow a lid from collection, washing, sorting, shredding and remanufacturing into a new finished functional product.

Come and visit RRC at their stand to see the machines in action.


01 December 2023


8am – 1pm


Northern College of the Arts & Technology (NCAT)