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With the use of our interactive hand operated machines – shredder, injector and extruder – we take a plastic lid from waste to a new product.

Fitted out with TV’s, information is displayed on the screens while our volunteers & presenters answer questions from participants.

Complete with solar panels and batteries, the trailer can operate off-grid, without the need for mains power. Fully expanded the trailer has a footprint of 3x6m.


The frst step in the process, the Shredder shreds plastic lids so they can be used in the Injector and Extruder.

The Injector then heats and melts shredded plastic so it can be injected into a mould, via a single shot.

The Extruder also heats the shredded plastic so it can be extruded into a mould. It comes out like spaghetti.

All machines are hand operated to encourage active participation from the community – taking a waste item and upcycling it into a viable product.


Hands-on interactivity demonstrating how we use waste to make viable, functional products.

How your organisation or community can become a circular environment.

Ways we can all help rescue single-use plastics from the environment & landfill.

The circular economy and regeneration.

Responsible consumption & manufacture of single-use plastics.


The trailer can be booked for an hour presentation, to an all day event.

Educating on sustainability, the circular economy, local waste practices, and using waste as a resource.

Community events providing a hands-on interactive experience for the community.

Interactive, informative and fun for all ages – young and old.

Demonstrate practical solutions to the single-use plastic waste epidemic, creating valuable products.


The Trailer fosters critical thinking by evaluating sustainable practices. It inspires creativity in finding solutions to environmental challenges and encourages communication on sustainability issues. Through exploration, it prompts inquiry into sustainable living and problem-solving for real-world environmental issues. The program builds science literacy by introducing foundational principles and technologies. Providing a comprehensive learning experience.