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Supreme Green

Focussing on sustainable gardens with best use of space for new homes around Melbourne’s East.

Lotus Energy

To establish the most comprehensive community owned clean energy generator, energy transfer and energy storage network.

Aussie Broadband

We’ve been in business for more than 16 years, and we’re all Australian owned and operated providing the best internet options you need.

Members & Partners


We are a re-maker of a high-end products from recycled materials, crafted by a local manufacturer and designer with focus, environmental awareness, and new product development.

DATTA Victoria

Design and Technologies is an area of the curriculum that applies the Design Process, and uses tools and materials to create products, services and environments.

Precious Plastic Victoria

We are a multi purpose work space, to develop new and improved ways to work with recycled plastic and to create new and better products. As well we are a waste materials and sustainability education center.


Ecomarine services primarily conduct Fire and Potable water tank inspections using a remotely operated vehicle as a safe and cost effective alternative to diver inspections or draining tanks.

Puppets Alive

Through puppet performances incorporating live singing of well known age-appropriate songs, fun-loving characters, and hands on activities with puppets, Puppets Alive brings joy, laughter and a sense of achievement to each resident.

Yarra Valley Grammar

Students from a broad range of backgrounds create a culture of diversity at Yarra Valley Grammar. We encourage our students to look outside their immediate networks and to consider their place as global citizens.

The Efficiency Coach

The Efficiency Coach, a business mentor and accountant who knows a thing or two about creating efficiencies in your business. Their promise is more profit, more time and more fulfilment.

Vixeco Designs

I am a dressmaker, fashion designer and artist, I use only recycled, reclaimed and natural materials for all my unique designs. I have been practicing recycled fashion since the age of 11.


Recyclopaedia is a Wiki for recycling, where anyone can publish their own research into the subject.

Aranda PS

Aranda School provides students with a quality education. Students learn both academic and social skills to become well rounded individuals who are prepared for life outside of school.


Rescuing plastic tops from landfill to benefit the environment and working with new and existing plastic recycling workshops to make products to benefit kids.

Yarra Valley Ecoss

ECOSS demonstrates sustainable living solutions for the community of the Yarra Valley and beyond.

Small Mighty CSR

Small Mighty CSR helps small and medium businesses protect the environment, look after their staff and give back to their community by applying sustainability principles in their operations and strategy.


Templestowe College is an innovative government school where students led their learning and focus on topics that engage and challenge them.