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A groundbreaking plastic lid recycling initiative in aged care residence in Melbourne is not only contributing to the betterment of the planet but also enhancing the wellbeing of its elderly residents.

Rethink Recycling has been including forgotten populations of aged care residents into our community since February 2021. Through our lid Sorting Centres, they’re able to participate in tasks that align to their ability level, setting them up for success. They feel as if they are connected once again, have purpose and a sense of fulfillment. The results seen with the sorting has been enheartening, especially when it has involved residents who don’t typically participate in activities, those residents living in autism and memory support units.

Introduced by VMCH physiotherapist, Caitlyn Socwell, “Residents say it makes them feel good knowing they are giving back to a greater cause, leaving them with a renewed sense of purpose and fulfilment. Plastic lids sorting also encourages residents with advanced dementia, who may not otherwise participate in activities, to become involved.”

Caitlyn’s work has been documented by articles in Third Sector and The Senior.

Have a look at our Lid Collection program for more details.

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